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Supply Dollar

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Energy Supply Dollar

ESD (Energy Supply Dollar) provides various functions in combination with the renewable energy industry and improves the efficiency and transparency of renewable energy through energy investment, energy trading, energy compensation system, carbon emission regulation, etc.


EDS of eco-friendly business

Future industry

It is expected to play an important role in innovation of the future energy system and sustainable energy supply.

International market

We can seek a sustainable future by contributing to the growth and expansion of the renewable energy industry, improving the efficiency and transparency of energy markets, pursuing carbon neutrality, entering international trade and global markets, and promoting energy security and self-sufficiency.


ESD has enormous potential as an innovative solution that benefits the energy industry, investors, consumers and the environment alike.

말린 종이 질감

Virtuous Cycle Energy Positive Ecosystem



ESD can play a role in supplying energy in a variety of ways through energy producer compensation, energy trading, self-sufficient use of energy, and combined with energy storage technologies. This supports the growth and sustainable supply of the renewable energy industry.


Safe stable dollar

The combination of ESD and Stable Dollar can be used in various areas, such as the stability of energy transactions, the stability of energy project investments, energy financial management, and international transactions and entry into the global market. This can support the stability and growth of the energy industry.


Experiences like

and Future

Growth and transformation of the renewable energy industry, Improving efficiency and transparency in energy markets, Pursuing carbon neutrality of the energy system, Expansion in global energy markets and facilitating international trade, Promotion of energy security and self-sufficient self-use

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